How to Build a Better Digital Currency (15th February 2022)

The Nano network was started by Colin as a software engineer’s approach to the idea of a global digital currency. With a longstanding interest in economics, he realised that the idea of better cryptocurrency was worth pursuing. He will explain how that realisation led to a series of changes to the algorithms used by other cryptocurrencies can be made to solve the time, energy and expense issues experienced by alternatives, such as dropping transaction times to below a second and eliminating fees. He will also comment on the current state of the digital currency world including the entrance of nation states with offerings like the Bank of England with “Britcoin” .

About our Speaker

Colin LeMahieu, together with George Coxon is the Founder and Director of the Nano Foundation.

He is an experienced Software Engineer having worked at companies such as Qualcomm, AMD, Dell, and National Instruments. His work has included delivering substantial improvements in software efficiency and reliability.