The RoboDoctor Will See You Now (15th March 2022)

On Tuesday the 15th of March we welcome Arjit Mitra, Head of Innovation at Oxford Brookes University and CEO of Alturis Technologies who will talk on the opportunities and risks of AI in medical care.

We are already seeing our GPs through a screen and medical expert systems have been in use for over 50 years. So, are we going too fast or too slowly? How do we decide and – perhaps more importantly – who is deciding this?

What are the benefits of AI in diagnosis and efficient running of the NHS?

Is the UK a spectator in this new world dominated by Big Tech and Big Pharma?

Will AI increase inequality in healthcare or perhaps create new kinds?

Join us at the Real Time Club to find out more, discuss important issues of the use of AI and tech in medical and health care and ask difficult questions.

About our Speaker

We are delighted to welcome Arjit Mitra, Head of Innovation at Oxford Brookes University and CEO of Alturis Technologies whose work spans understanding the ethical issues in AI and their practical use in improving the efficiency of the transfer of medical information within the system.

Following a degree in Electronic Engineering he pursued his interest in Artificial Intelligence with a Master’s degree in the application of artificial neural networks to medical diagnosis. At the time this area was largely theoretical, and it was difficult to find work in this field, so he went into enterprise content management and data warehousing (the precursors to what we now know as ‘Big Data’). He has over 20 years of experience consulting in finance, energy, biotech, defence, government, and legal services across the UK, Europe, the United States and Singapore.

Notable projects include developing the first semantic legal search engine, a precursor to NLP (Linklaters 1998), the world’s first internet banking site (Wells-Fargo, San Francisco 2000/2001), one of the first multilingual online libraries for financial research (Deutsche Boerse, Frankfurt 2003), the development of an online app store and mobile internet (Sony-Ericsson, Singapore 2006), Medimmune/Astra-Zeneca ‘Community’ – one of the largest repositories of biomedical data in the world (2011-2015) and the HMRC corporation and self-assessment tax system (2010 and 2019).

He joined Oxford Brookes University’s Institute for Ethical AI to lead validation and regulatory projects to develop a platform\service for the validation of AI to form part of a consulting\product offering by the Institute for Ethical AI to buyers, vendors and investors who require a trustworthy system.