Over the course of its history the Real Time Club had various formal and informal membership arrangements. The Club started as “strictly by invitation only” but widened its membership over the years which is now offered to all regular diners.

Becoming a member of the RTC

Membership in the RTC is available to everyone who attends at least two dinners per year.

This means that any person who has attended at least two RTC dinners in the preceding rolling 12 month period automatically becomes a club member, unless he or she wishes not to do so.

Member benefits

The RTC offers a range of benefits for its members.

Dinner tickets

The RTC’s annual series of networking dinners is open to members and non-members alike. However, members enjoy priority access to the RTC dinners:

  • Priority booking: For certain events tickets are released to members before they go on general sale.

Exclusive events

Occasionally the RTC invites to exclusive members-only events. These events are typically smaller, e.g. lunches, breakfasts or drinks receptions. They are often organised in cooperation with other organisations, on the initiative of individual members or hosted by industry.

Running of the Club

The day-to-day activities of the RTC are run by its members.

  • Council & Committee: Members can become member of the Council and stand in elections for Club Officer.
  • Speakers: Members are encouraged to propose speakers and topics for RTC dinners.

Constitution & standing orders

For everyone who is interested in the full details, here the RTC Constitution and RTC Standing Orders, which set out the Club’s membership and governance procedures.

Any other questions

Please e-mail the Secretary if you have any query regarding club membership.