About the Real Time Club

Born as an IT dinner club fifty years ago the Real Time Club is one of London’s foremost networking institutions. The Club’s networking events bring together people from diverse professional backgrounds with common interest in technology and society. The Club’s fellows include entrepreneurs and professionals from the tech industry, public sector, academia and finance.

It has been our aim at the Real Time Club to introduce new technologies to anyone interested in learning more and understanding their power in these digitally-driven times; we have done this through a series of dinner-debates over the past 50 years and will continue to do so as long as there are new technologies to learn about and experts to present these to us.

We learn from renowned experts; we promote networking amongst our members and their wider networks; we introduce people with money to those looking for investors and people with ideas to people in need of solutions; through our dinner-debates we turn information into wisdom.

We hope to see you soon.