RTC dinner on Green Tech (29 September 2009)

Green Boggle – A Night Of Green Tech With Prizes

A Real Time Club event in association with the London Accord, Z/Yen Group, and Beer & Partners.

Many people believe that the next wave of technological investment not only will be, but should be, green tech. Green technology is the application of many technologies to reduce environmental impact. While climate change is high on the charts, there are numerous other investment opportunities in conservation, recycling and waste reduction. Naturally, information & communications technology (ICT) features significantly in many prospective ventures. Real Time Club members have repeatedly expressed interest in a green evening. Of course, a related question is how much green tech is government-rhetoric-inspired boondoggle or genuine societal transformation.

Green Boggle is a three part event – one part the finance of environmental transformation, one part investment opportunities and one part competitive fun. The London Accord is part one, the largest coooperative research programme into the economics of climate change. London Accord research will be briefly presented along with contributions from other organisations on how ICT can help prevent environmental damage. Part two, the core of the evening, will be short presentations from three active investment opportunities from Beer & Partners, one of the UK’s leading venture capital and business angel investment firms. The third part of the evening will be a Green Bourse game run by Z/Yen Group, the City of London’s leading think-tank, which should be a great ice-breaker. There will be prizes for those teams on the evening who best get to grips with markets, technology and finance.

Professor Michael Mainelli on the role of the London Accord and green tech. Not only a long-time Real Time Club member, Michael is also the Executive Chairman of Z/Yen Group and the Principal Advisor to the London Accord.

Angus Milne and three green tech entrepreneurs on genuine opportunities in green tech. Angus has worked in the City for over thirty years funding everything from Israeli high tech to the restoration of Scottish castles.

Mark Yeandle will be GameLord of the Green Bourse. Mark has a background ranging from Mulberry and Liberty’s to the critical evaluation of green tech projects at Z/Yen Group.

Martin Myerscough, CEO – GreenBottle. Recyclable packaging to replace plastic bottles. Fully funded – to talk about experiences.

Patrick Mulvey, CEO – Firth Tidal Energy Ltd. Patented ‘woven web’ turbines, for electricity from tides flowing at 3 knots or more. Amount being raised: £800k.

Graham Stowell, CEO – Bronzeoak Ltd. Renewable power from biomass; development of first power station site. Amount being raised: £1.6 million.

Anthony Fenwick-Wilson, Chairman – C-FEC Ltd (Cross-Flow Energy Co). Vertical axis wind turbines. Amount being raised: £970k, of which £620k already raised.