RTC dinner on Electronic Surveillance (23 June 2009)

Mystery Night – Spooks on a Budget – eBay Espionage and the Cut-Price World of Do It-Yourself Surveillance

Once upon a time, we imagined secret agents like James Bond and his real-world colleagues in MI5 and MI6 planting covert surveillance devices. Some of these devices were incredibly small and the agents could listen to your conversation, or track your movements, from anywhere in the world. Fortunately we didn’t worry much about these secret agents, who lived mainly in le CarrĂ© and Fleming land. Those who did live with us were only concerned with serious crime and counter-terrorism, allowing us all to live happily ever after, or so we believed …

Many still believe this fairy tale – but the reality is far different. In the last few years there has been an exponential increase in the production and availability of cheap, effective surveillance devices. These are being produced in the millions, mainly in Asia, and are available to anyone and everyone from outlets including Amazon, eBay and even Selfridges.

Our speakers will take you through the current threat landscape, provide demonstrations and hands-on with actual devices (and detection equipment), and demystify the dark art of Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM) or bug sweeping.

Data Protection Notice (please read): This event may include covert audio and/or video surveillance of attendees. Any recordings and other information gained by surveillance will be used only for the evening’s proceedings and will be destroyed immediately thereafter. By registering for this event, you provide consent to this surveillance. You have been warned!!

Paul Salzedo

Paul will lead the evening’s demonstrations and technical fun. Paul is CEO of FaberBrent Ltd, a specialist security consultancy, and a recognised expert in TSCM. He has more than 15 years experience in the security industry, spent 6 years in the role of Head of Internal Security for a UK security organisation, and has had senior roles in electronics manufacturing and telecommunications. He is a firm believer in real-world security measures, and focuses on providing practical security advice across complex systems and user requirements. Paul has studied both electronic and audio engineering, is a Certified Information System Security Professional.

Nigel Jackson

Nigel is Director Security Business Development at QinetiQ, heading the Strategic Business team that steers QinetiQ’s Security business. Nigel joined QinetiQ in October 2008 after a career in the Army. As a soldier he commanded the SAS Signal Squadron, a Signals Intelligence Regiment, the SF Communications Group and the National Communications Signal Brigade on overseas, coalition and UK security operations. After long service on the operational staff, he spent three years in GCHQ where he headed the Support to Military Operations organisation with deep involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Nigel has extensive experience in operational capability development and the introduction of new concepts and equipment to the Armed Forces and other government departments.

Maury Shenk

Maury will provide a legal perspective on electronic surveillance. He has more than 15 years experience at global firm Steptoe & Johnson on technology law matters, including information security, data protection, lawful access to communications and encryption. Maury has extensive experience speaking on these topics, including as head of the European legal programme of the SANS Institute.