RTC dinner on Current Research (21 April 2009)

Nerd Night: An Evening with UCL Research

University College London Computer Science is one of the world’s leading research centres in computing, conducting cutting edge research across the spectrum from bioinformatics through networks and software engineering to graphics and virtual environments. UCL works with global technology leaders including Microsoft, RIM, Cisco, BT and many others. Nerd night is an opportunity to ‘talk technology’. A team of young researchers will make short presentations about the ideas that excite them and challenges that lie beyond the bleeding edge. This is an opportunity to see research in the raw and to engage with the transformational possibilities of computer science.

The following researchers will talk about their work:

  • David Jones – bioinformatics – using computer science to address problems in the post-genomic life sciences
  • Tim Weyrich – graphics – acquiring and modelling appearance
  • Jan Kautz – graphics – making realistic images
  • Licia Capra – software engineering – mobility and trust
  • Anthony Steed – virtual environments – what does it mean to be ‘present’
  • Brad Karp – networks – the future of the internet

Anthony Finkelstein

Anthony Finkelstein will help chair proceedings (alongside Michael Mainelli, RTC Vice Chairman). Anthony is Professor of Software Systems Engineering and head of the Computer Science Department at UCL where he researches software systems engineering. With over 185 scientific papers, he is a Fellow of both the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the British Computer Society and has been recognised for his contributions to the field of requirements engineering by the IEEE. He was Founder and Director of Systemwire Ltd, a UCL spin-out acquired by trade sale in 2006 and he is a consultant Chief Scientist of Message Automation Ltd.