An ‘Internet of Peoples’ Developed Using the Cognitive Science of Change (19th February 2019)

Towards Collaborative Human and Machine Intelligence

Innovation is a challenge at every level of industry and in society; real time continuous improvement in innovation is a new paradigm that is being driven by rapid advances in robust, secure and decentralised communication platforms.

New developments embracing understanding the cognitive science of change to inform development of decentralised AI will bring a step-change in our power to inspire, inform, involve and innovate at an enterprise level.

This has led to decentralised AI-based apps for real time continuous improvement in business.

Join us at the Real Time Club on February 19th 2019 to hear from the leader in this field, Katz Kiely, speak on the future of innovation using deep learning decentralised AI-based apps, to hear of a better future, to be inspired, informed and involved.

“new ways of connecting is the only path forward to improving our collective well-being. Katz gets it.”

— Vint Cerf, Father of the Internet and Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist on Katz Kiely

Katz Kiely, CEO & Founder, beep

Katz is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and pioneer. She built the first open innovation platform for HP, re-engineered the architecture of how a UN agency does business and designed a behaviour change platform for Intel that connected mobiles, big screens and data.

She now heads up beep: the Behavioural Enterprise Empowerment Platform. beep is an enterprise-level, decentralised, AI software that empowers employees to innovate for efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

beep on Radio 4

Decentralising our collective genius

Usually all Real Time Club events are held under the Chatham House Rule, according to which information disclosed during a meeting may be reported by those present, but the source of that information may not be explicitly or implicitly identified. That is, if you repeat something said during a Real Time Club event, don’t say who said it!

On this occasion, we are embracing social media to decentralise our collective genius, to use the limitless sources of innovation we have, where geography – in the universe – does not bind us, and where the bottlenecks of centralisation are removed: A resonant, harmonious Internet of Peoples.