“You Lead”: Minter Dial in Conversation (7th January 2021)

In his latest book, You Lead, Minter Dial draws out a cogent path for leaders like yourself to evolve by allowing if not exhorting you to lean in on your personal values, develop a greater self-awareness and make sure that what you do matters, for you and those around you, including your circle of Most Valuable People (MVPs).

It’s a personal journey that Minter leads you on, filled with stories and missteps from which to learn. Minter loves music and leads by example in talking about how his own personal passions contributed to developing his personality, impacting his sense of self and informing his leadership style. As I like to say, you can only grow and scale your business as fast as you grow and scale yourself.

Minter’s a joy to listen to – come join us to hear more at the first – of many – Real Time Club events of 2021.

Here’s a link to the foreword and preface to Minter’s new book ‘You Lead’.

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