Quantum Technologies & Our Qubit Future (18th February 2020)

The UK has always been a world leader in ideas, invention, and innovation.  Now that technology is developing faster than ever, we must stay at the forefront of science and technological creativity, exploring and exploiting new technology areas. 

Recent emerging disruptive technologies have now emerged into ever-growing new industries, such as Quantum Technologies and Engineering Biology that will change our futures. 

And were now on the crest of the digital wave, as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning begin to use recent advances to not only revolutionise our industrial base but also our society. Quantum Computing – once a sci-fi dream – is now becoming a reality, with basic Quantum Supremacy recently demonstrated for the first time. 

The UK can stay at the forefront of the digital era through developing and exploiting these technologies – particularly Quantum Technologies and the materials development that underpins them, where we have world-leading R&D with considerable government investment combined with industry of nearly £1bn to date!

Join us to hear from Prof Neil Stansfield, a polymath with remarkable and extensive experience who leads UK strategy on development of Digital and Data Science, Future Communications and Quantum Technologies at National Physical Laboratory (NPL), to hear the future before it’s happened and to ask very difficult questions!

NPL is the national Laboratory for the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy with the mission to underpin the economic and societal wellbeing of the UK. One area of sharp focus is Quantum Technologies development, from materials to computing, to gravity wave detectors and communications.

About our Speaker

Professor Neil Stansfield, Head of Strategy and Head of Digital Sector, National Physical Laboratory

Neil Stansfield is Director of Strategy at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the national lab for the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy. Neil also leads on the digital strategy for NPL, including Data Science, Future Communications, and Quantum Technologies.  

Neil has spent twenty-five years in a range of senior defence and security policy, strategy, and science and technology roles, working across Government and the private sector, nationally and internationally. Areas of responsibility have included: chemical and biological defence; arms control; ballistic missile defence; MoD’s maritime S&T programme; and as Deputy Director in the Office of Security and Counterterrorism. Most recently Neil led the Ministry of Defence strategy and programme for identifying and harnessing emerging and disruptive technologies. 

In 2007 Neil had the privilege of spending a year at the Royal College of Defence Studies, MoD’s most senior leadership development programme.  Neil holds a few visiting and honorary professorships, including “data science for national security” and an honour for “inspiring young people into science”.