Auditing Time, Place and Identity in Our Digital World (10th March 2020)

The virtual world runs our lives, unaudited, ‘marking its own homework’.
Earlier today, you probably clicked on “I agree” without any idea what you were agreeing to.  We’ve been complacent, ignoring the elephant in our data, and we only have ourselves to blame.

We must inject physical reality into all computing fabric to audit virtual processes. Electrons have consequences; they must be held to account in time, place and identity.  We need a new Digital Metrology – one where we understand the measurement science underpinning the digital world we live and work in and how this can – and must – be applied.

Join us to hear from Dr Richard Hoptroff, inventor, investor, entrepreneur, to hear the future before it’s happened and to ask very difficult questions about time, our digital world and what we need to do to ensure our futures are marked in audited time, place, and identity!

About our speaker

Dr Richard Hoptroff, Hoptroff Ltd

Richard’s last school report read:  He is basically lazy – he wants computers to solve his problems for him.

35 years on, he took this tack as a physicist specializing in real-time AI:  He has erred into economic forecasting, nonlinear control, price optimization, archaeological dating, high-accuracy luxury timepieces, and financial timestamping.  A consistent theme throughout has been data quality: Intellect is easy – good data is hard to find.

Dr. Richard Hoptroff is a long-term technology inventor, investor and entrepreneur. Awarded a PhD in Physics by King’s College London for his work in optical computing and artificial intelligence, in 1992, together with Ravensbeck, he founded Right Information Systems, a neural network forecasting software company which was in 1997 sold to Cognos Inc (part of IBM).

He created Flexipanel Ltd in 2001, a company supplying Bluetooth modules to the electronics industry.

In 2010, he founded Hoptroff London, with the aim to develop smart, hyper-accurate watch movements and create a new watch brand, establishing a new commercial category when he brought to market the first commercial atomic timepiece and atomic wristwatch.

Hoptroff has now leveraged his expertise in timing technology and software to develop a hyper- accurate synchronised timestamping solution for the financial services sector, based on a unique combination of grandmaster atomic clock engineering and proprietary software: Hoptroff London Ltd – Traceable Time as a Service (TTaaS®).