RTC dinner on Public Sector Efficiency (24 May 2005)

Poacher turned Gamekeeper

Is ‘Yes Minister’ fictional comedy or reality TV? What are the real differences between the public and private sectors? Can success ever be the norm in public sector IT projects? Based on his 4 years working at the heart of Government as the first Chief Executive of the Office of Government Commerce and then as Head of the Review of Public Sector Efficiency Peter will seek to answer these questions and provoke a lively debate.

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RTC dinner on China (18 April 2005)

China, Opportunity or Threat

China is having a rapidly growing impact on the rest of the world with economic, ecologic, social and political implications. Whether you grasp the opportunities and manage the threats or just observe you will all be affected. Our three speakers, who have all been observing and involved with China over the last few decades, will examine: Tricia will explain that China has the Internet at the heart of everything, including its ICT strategy. The results of this are now emerging for all to see. Chris will show you that Chinese culture is different so if you want to do business learn the facts and avoid the myths. Richard will speak on the evolution of the Chinese government’s controls on media and real-time content over the past 20 years, and on the growing links between the UK and China and the opportunities that these present.

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RTC dinner on Quantum Computing (21 February 2005)

Quantum Information Processing

Are you aware of the implications of quantum physics for the future of computing and information processing? We have seen three revolutions: Computing itself, PCs, the Internet – is this the fourth? Over seventy organizations are working on various aspects of QIP and a consensus is growing that quantum physics will play a major role in the future of computing. We need to understand the basic concepts and keep up to date with the implications.

Professor Tony Hey will give an overview of the science of quantum physics and its significance both to quantum computing and quantum cryptography. He is an excellent speaker and has the knack of putting over high science very clearly. He has developed some clever demonstrations of quantum phenomena, which will make everything clear.

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