Welcome to the RTC

Born as an IT dinner club fifty years ago the Real Time Club is one of London’s foremost networking institutions. The Club’s networking events bring together people from diverse professional backgrounds with common interest in technology and society. The Club’s membership include entrepreneurs and professionals from the tech industry, public sector, academia, and finance.

Every year the Real Time Club runs a series of dinners with distinguished speakers on current issues of the information age. The Club’s dinners encourage robust and well-informed debate, while enabling interesting people to meet one another. Open problems meet potential solutions, new entrants meet industry experts, and entrepreneurs meet interested investors. The Real Time Club dinners are open to non-members.

The next RTC Dinner is on Tuesday 19th Junne 2018, and is titled: Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Emotional Intelligence: What’s it All About?.

The date of the next RTC Event has changed and it is now on Thursday, 19th July 2018 from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and is titled: Driving the Digital Age: The Rise and Rise of Neurodiverse Talent in the Workplace. It will be hosted in Lecture Theatre 1, Kings College London, New Hunt’s House, SE1 1UL, London.

The full RTC dinner programme is available here.