RTC Dinner on Start-ups in London (19 June 2012)

The Start-Up Potential of London: The Google View

There is much current attention to the potential of start-up businesses, particularly in tough economic times that can limit the potential of traditional jobs, and with models for success like Google, Facebook, Groupon and Twitter, and some UK companies like ARM, Last.fm and Tweetdeck. But many have wondered why the UK, with a strong record of technology innovation, has been less successful building great tech companies. Yet there is evidence that this situation is changing, particularly in London where a vibrant start-up ecosystem is developing, including in East London near so-called Silicon Roundabout, and with strong links to the traditional media community in the West End. One of the most exciting recent developments in this trend has been the opening of Google Campus in East London. Sarah Butler, Google’s Head of UK Public Policy, will explain what Google thinks is exciting about the UK’s start-up scene and what Google is doing to support it.

Sarah Hunter is Head of UK Public Policy for Google. Her background is in Government, where she was Tony Blair’s Senior Policy Adviser on Culture Media and Sport in the No 10 Policy Unit. Prior to Government, Sarah’s specialism was broadcasting policy, and she worked for the BBC and Channel 4.