RTC dinner on Olympic Cybersecurity (23 September 2008)

Cybersecurity 2012 – Who will win the Olympic Challenge? Can we beat ’em?

A unique insight to the world of 2012 – nightmare or dream come true?

Will it all be too much for the cybersecurity infrastructures of London in 2012 as broadcasters from around the world cover the Olympics at the same time as criminals from around the world use the opportunity of millions of sports groupies and tourists all trying to do on-line card and banking transactions from inside the cross-border defences of the financial services capital of the world at the same time as extortionists ply their trade at the same time as terrorists advance their causes.

So how do we ensure that the result is a major disappointment for all the criminals and terrorists and a joy for the rest of us?

Speaker from Atos Origin, IT partner of London 2012.