RTC Dinner on Olympic IT (15 November 2011)

Flawless computing for the 2012 Olympics

Providing flawless IT for London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – the scale, complexity and responsibilities involved.

From its inception in 1989, the Major Events unit of Atos has been exclusively dedicated to the provision of IT solutions and services to large-scale events and international bodies. Atos is the Official Worldwide Information Technology Partner to the International Olympic Committee, for all Olympic Summer and Winter Games, from 2002 to 2016. This agreement covers consulting, systems integration, operations management, the provision of information systems and project management.

For London 2012, Atos has three key roles in the provision and operational IT support to help deliver a Safe and Secure Games:
Olympic Delivery Authority – The provision and operational support of IT for the construction and build programme for the Olympic Park
LOCOG – To run and administer the Games programme across the UK and to provide real-time data feeds to a forecast TV audience of over 4Bn TV viewers across both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

HMG – The provision of IT across the Home Office, Association of Train Operators and Department for Transport to support the dedicated Olympic requirements
The speaker will cover with examples how Atos replicates its experiences and know-how from one event to another to ensure that each event is a success. He will also reveal how Atos works with different Partners at each Games without any end to end contract.

Clive Grethe

Clive Grethe is the London 2012 and Home Office Account Director for Atos. He specialises in the management of complex IT projects and has been looking after the London 2012 programme for over 5 years. He has previously worked on the Singapore Youth Olympic Games in 2010 and the Athens 2004 Games.