Daniel Dennett on information & evolution (hosted by BMF, RTC and RI, 25 March 2015)

Information, evolution, and intelligent design

The Brain Mind Forum, one of the Real Time Club’s successful special-interest spin-offs, organises a talk by Prof. Daniel Dennett at the Royal Institution on 25th March.

Dan is a philosopher, writer, and cognitive scientist and one of the highest profile speakers in cognitive neuroscience. His writings bring together cognitive science, neuroscience, linguistics, artificial intelligence, computer science, psychology and philosophy. (The New Statesman referred to him as on of the “Four Horsemen of New Atheism” together with  Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris.) Usually based in the US, this a great chance to see Dan here in the UK. He will talk on the Convergence of Biogenetics, Cognitive Neuroscience and Computing.

Full details and tickets are available on the Royal Institution’s website.

As this talk is co-hosted by the Royal Institution and the Brain Mind Forum/Real Time Club, we are arranging a small meet-up with Dan from 6 pm before his talk at 7 pm. If you want to come along, please e-mail me when you have booked your ticket and I will send you more details.