List of RTC Speakers 1967-2007

On the occasion of the Real Time Club’s 40th anniversary, here an attempt of listing our previous speakers. Apologies for any omissions.

Nick Alexander (Managing Director, Virgin Games), M. Allegre Delegue (Generale de la Delegation a l’Informatique), Richard Allen (Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Information Technology), Jim Alty (Executive Director, The Turing Institute), John Alvey (Senior Director Technology, BT), Bruce Anderson (Group Executive Vice President, Automatic Data Processing Inc), Prof Ross Anderson (Security Engineering, University of Cambridge), Prof Ian Angell (Information Systems, LSE), Peter Appleton-Jones (Regional Director, Cray Research Inc), Rt. Hon. (now Lord) Paddy Ashdown MP (Alliance Spokesman on IT), John Ashworth (Vice-Chancellor, Salford University), Reay Atkinson (Undersecretary, DTI), Donald Audsley (National Committee on Computer Networks), Det. Insp. John Austen (Computer Crime Section, Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad), Allen Bailey (Head of PNCU, The Home Office), Rt. Hon. Kenneth Baker (Minister of State for Information Technology), Mike Banahan (CTO, OpenForum Europe), Roy Barnes (Director, LAMSAC), Iann Barron (Managing Director, Inmos), Alan Benjamin OBE (Director of Corporate Communications, CAP Group), Ken Benjamin (Audits of Great Britain Ltd), Graham Beswick, Prof. Gordon Black (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology), Judith Bloor (Computing), Robin Bloor (Industry Analyst), John Blowers (Managing Director, Angelbourse), Dr. Jeremy Bray (Ministry of Technology), Roy Bright (Managing Director Europe, Lessin Technology Inc), Rachel Burnett (IT Solicitor, Chairman IMIS), David Butler (Chairman, Butler Cox & Partners), Kevin Cahill (Journalist), Alan Cane (Editor, Technical Page, Financial Times), John Carr (Internet Watch Foundation), Sir Bryan Carsberg (Director-General, OFTEL), Stephen Castell (Independent Consultant), Chris Chiles (Director, Network Services Group, Istel), Alastair Clark (Director, Bank of England), K.E. Clarke (Director, Applications and Service Development, BT Labs), Sir Anthony Cleaver (Chairman, IBM UK), Peter Cochrane (General Manager Research, BT), John Collins (Chairman, British Robot Association), Dominic Connor (Head of IT, King & Shaxon), Kenneth Cooper, Douglas Cornwall (President, Telex International Ltd), George Cox (Managing Director, Unisys UK), Alex D’Agapayeff (Consultants in Information Technology), Det. Supt. Russell Day (Head of Economic and e-Crime, Metropolitan Police), Geoffrey De Denny (Undersecretary, Home Office), Basil De Ferranti MEP, Meinard D. De Marillac (Director of Corporate Communications, CAP-Sogeti, SA), Alex Dell (Rutherford Laboratory), Dr. C.D. Desforges (MD, 3i Research Exploitation Ltd), George Novelli (Director, Mobile Products, Mercury Communications), Prof. Sandy Douglas (Computational Method, LSE), Tricia Drakes, Jim Ducker (Managing Director, Pergamon-Infoline), Ian Duffell (Manager, High Technology Team, Barclays Bank), David Dunbar (National Enterprise Board), Dr. Presper Eckert (Vice President UNIVAC Division, Sperry Rand Corporation), Paul Ellis (Research Fellow, Bradford University), R.J. Etherington (International Marketing Manager, Transaction Products), Chris Evans (National Physical Laboratory), Derek Evans (Chief Executive, Mercury), Gordon Ewan (Director, COSIT), David Fairbairn (Director, National Computing Centre), Sir John Fairclough (Chief Scientific Adviser, Cabinet Office), David Fear (Manager, Commercial Division, Computer Technology Ltd), Sam Fedida (Head of Computer Research Applications, Telecommunications Division, GPO), Doug Ferguson (General Manager Management & Computing Services, Blue Circle Industries), Stephen Finch (Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor, BP), David Firnberg (Director, National Computing Centre), E.J.C. Fowell (Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, Department of Health and Social Security), Alan Fox (Chief Executive, Cranfield Institute of Information Technology), Dr. Sandy Fraser (Bell Laboratories), Sir Peter Gershon CBE FRENG, Dr. Gillespie, Brian Gladman (Director, Strategic Electronic Communications, MoD), Mark Gladwyn (Technical Director, Criminal Justice IT Systems), Edward Goldblum (Senior Consultant, Butler Cox & Partners), Prof. Baroness Susan Greenfield (Director General, Royal Institution), Keith Haarhoff (Controller of Business Systems, Midland Bank International), Peter Hall (Director, ICL), Prof. Ian Halliday (CEO, PPARC), Andrew Harrison, Hermann Hauser (Chief Executive, EO Europe), Bob Hay (Co-ordinator, Federation Against Software Theft), Peter Hayward, David Hebditch (David Hebditch Ltd), Paul Henderson (Director of Science), Prof. Tony Hey (Computation, University of Southampton), Graham Higley (Head of Information & Library Systems, Natural History Museum), Dr. Mike Hills (Department of Electrical Engineering Sciences, University of Essex), Andrew Hilton (CSFI), Geoffrey Holland (Managing Director, Intra Systems), Dennis Holloway (Director, Plessey Telecommunications Ltd), Philip Holroyd (Council Member, Futures Network), Richard Holway (Director, Ovum Holway), Richard Hooper (Managing Director, Prestel), Sir John Hoskyns (Director-General, Institute of Directors), Alan Howarth CBE MP, PUSS, DES, Eric Howe CBE (Data Protection Registrar), Richard Hudson, Alan Hughes (CEO, First Direct), Jean Irvine (Managing Director-Concept 2000, The Post Office), Gerald Janes (Senior Consultant, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell), Rt. Hon. Patrick Jenkin MP (Secretary-of-State for Industry), Sir Brian Jenkins GBE (Lord Mayor of London), Tony Johnson (IT Manager, Financial Times), Brian Jolly (Managing Director, Systec Consultants Ltd), Peter Jones (Consultant, PLK Jones Associates), John Kason (Senior Vice-President, U.C.C. (GB) Ltd), Hamish Kidd (Clive & Stokes International), Prof. Peter King (Birkbeck College), Dr. N. Kingsley (Central Planning Review Staff, Secretary of the ACARD Committee), Prof. Peter Kirstein (Computer Science, Imperial College London), Dr. Kuo (Office of Naval Research, University of Hawaii), John Lansdown (Turner Lansdown Holt & Partners), Desmond Lee (Life President, IBM Users Association), John Leighfield (Chief Executive, British Leyland Systems), R.A. Lingard (Director Training, Highlands and Islands Enterprises), Vitalij Lvov (Institute of Automation and Electrometry, Siberian Section of Academy of Sciences, USSR), A.J.P. Macdonald (Deputy Secretary Procurement, MoD), Edwin Mack (Director of Product Development Group, ICL), Sir John Maddox (Editor, Nature), Geoffrey Manning CBE (Chairman, Active Memory Technology), Michael Marshall MP (Chairman, PITCOM), James Martin (Chairman, James Martin Associates), Steve Matheson CB (Director of IT, Inland Revenue), Harvey Matusow (Chairman, International Society for the Abolition of Data Processing Machines), Lord May Of Oxford (Government Chief Scientist, President of Royal Society), Dan Mccracken (Author), Tom Mcguffog (Non-Executive Director, Defence Procurement Agency), George Mckendrick (Chairman, INTUG), Ian Mcnaught Davis (Presenter, BBC2 Microcomputer Series), David Michaels (Chairman, Guidehouse Ltd), Prof. Peter Millard, Richard Morgan (Computer Development Officer, House of Commons), Emeritus Prof. Bryan Niblett (Computer Science, University of Wales), J.W. Nicholls (Head of Research, Department of Industry), Brian Oakley (Director, Alvey Directorate, DTI), John Odling-Smee (Undersecretary, H.M. Treasury), Ewan Page (Vice-Chancellor, Reading University), Anne Page (UK Representative, Fort Hare University, SA), Bob Parslow (Consultant), Richard Pascoe (Director, University of Nottingham’s China Policy Institute), Sir Geoffrey Pattie MP (Minister of State for IT), Alan Paveley (Chief Executive, Angelbourse), Derek Pedder (Managing Director, BIS-Pedder), Rod Perry (Partner, Coopers & Lybrand Deloitte), Larry Phillips (Director, Decision Analysis Unit, LSE), Craig Pickering, Andrew Pindar (E-Envoy, Cabinet Office), Prof. Fred Piper (Royal Holloway College), D. Pitcher (Managing Director, UNIVAC), Geoffrey Pluves (Sales Director, Prime Computers), Gordon Pocock (Senior Marketing Director, BT), Rufus Pollock (Director, Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure), John Poston (Marketing Director, Plessey Radar), L. Pouzin (Directeur du Reseau Cyclades), Norman Price OBE, Lord Puttnam of Queensgate OBE, Jacques Putzeys (EASDAQ), John Radcliffe (Producer, BBC), C.N. Read (Director, Inter-Bank Research Organisation), Alex Reid (Chief Executive, BT Spectrum), Gordon Renton (Head of Radio Regulatory Division, Consumer), Carl Ricketts (Chief Technology Officer, Standard Chartered Bank), Dr. G.G. Rivett (Senior Medical Officer, Department of Health and Social Security)
Major General (ret.) Bill Robins, Dr. David Robson (Greenwich District Hospital), Charles Ross (Past Chairman of the RTC), Kiran Sandford (IT Partner, Mischon De Reya), Paddy Sandford-Johnson (Vice President, Hiedrick and Struggles International), Karl Schneider (Managing Editor, CW), E.F. Schoeters (Technical Editor, Financial Times), Mike Schomberg (Computing Manager, AEA Technology, Harwell Laboratory, UKAEA), Maury Shenk (Steptoe & Johnson), R. Slimak (East European Sales, Sperry Univac), Jan Smit (Chief Executive, Insac Products), Peter Smith (Commercial Union),
Mike Southon (Beermat Entrepreneurs), M.R. Spain (Head of the Central Computer Agency), Andrew St. Johnston (Director, Vaughen Programming), M.R. Stephens (Partner for IT, Touche Ross & Co), Barbara Stephens (Industrial Advisor, NEDO), Paul Stevens (Vice President of Information Technology, GSK), Prof. Richard Susskind (Partner, Masons), John Sutherland (Managing Director, Marconi Radar Systems Ltd), Bill Talbot (Director of Technology, ICL), Dr. Frank Taylor (British Computer Society),
Graham Taylor (Director, OpenForum Europe), Prof. Harold Thimbleby (Director of UCLIC), Sir Alan Thomas (Head of Defence Export Services, MoD), Stephen Timms MP (Minister of State for Energy, e-Commerce and Postal Services), Prof. Philip Treleaven (Computer Science), Brian Tytherleigh (Managing Director, Copeleigh Associates), David Valentine (IBM), Adrian Vann (Director, NVA Consultants), Robin Vincent (Head of Court Service Development Division, Lord Chancellor’s Department), Philip Virgo (National Computing Centre, Strategic Advisor to IMIS), Sir John Wall (Chairman, ICL), Sir Kenneth Warren MP (Chairman, Commons Trade & Industry Committee), Gerald Watson (Director, Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency), Chris West (Beermat Entrepreneurs), Brian White (Controller, Capital Project, Employment Services Agency), Brian White MP (Milton Keynes North East), Dr. Roger Wiley (Director, Communications & Computing, The Met Office), B. Williams (Deputy Director of Research, The Post Office), Peter Williams (Managing Director, VAMP), Chris Wilson (Managing Director, ICL), Prof. Hienz Wolff (Bio-Engineering, Brunel University), Ken Wong (Manager, Security Section, BIS Applied Systems), Alan Wood (Chairman, Digitus Ltd), John Woodget (Chief Executive, Intel UK), Derek Wyatt MP, Jonathan Zittrain (Oxford University)