From Atomic Clocks to Gravity Sensors: Emerging Technologies from Quantum Phenomena (30th June 2022)

Please note the date has changed to Thursday 30th June.

On Thursday the 30th of June we welcome Dr Rhys Lewis, Head of Quantum Programmes at the National Physical Laboratory as our after dinner speaker; Dr Lewis will discuss how quantum technologies are in use all around us, from measuring time, enabling MRI, GPS, sensors, communications and electronics and how they’re affecting our lives.

We’re at the dawn of a new era driven by quantum physics!

We’re now starting to control ‘quantum entanglement’ and ‘quantum superposition’ to make astonishing improvements to a wide array of everyday gadgets, including more reliable navigation and timing systems, more secure communications, super-accurate healthcare imaging through quantum sensing and quantum computing to name a few.

Our speaker, Dr Rhys Lewis, will describe some of the science, technologies and applications being developed within the National Quantum Technologies Programme and the potential they offer for future impact.

The NQTP is a UK-wide programme – including a National Timing Centre – supported by £1billion of government funding since 2014, bringing together industry, academia and government into a coherent drive to harness the potential of new technologies built on the quantum properties of light and matter.

Join us at the Real Time Club to hear more – and to ask difficult questions – on quantum technologies and how they can deliver new capabilities in everything from precise timing with atomic clocks, secure communications using quantum key distribution, new methods for sensing and imaging and a fundamental shift in the capabilities of future computers.

About our speaker

Dr Rhys Lewis is the Head of Quantum Programmes at the National Physical Laboratory in the UK, responsible for NPL’s strategic direction in quantum technologies and for leading NPL’s programme as a government partner in the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme.

NPL is the UK’s National Metrology Institute, delivering confidence in measurement and data in support of UK industry and society.

Rhys joined NPL in 2007 as an operational Division Head. Prior to NPL his career was in leading new product development in scientific manufacturing companies. His technical background is in atomic and laser physics.