RTC Dinner on Cyber Security (18 February 2014)

A Real Time Club Dinner – Debate on Cyber Security

“Nobody is telling the truth about cyber security – not even when they think they know what the truth is!”

As far as cyber security is concerned a large part of the problem is ‘Nobody is telling the truth about cyber security – not even when they think they know what the truth is!’ according to our debate proposer, Philip Virgo.

The growth of the internet has transformed our lives and is an important part of our economy; the internet-related market in the UK is now estimated to be worth £82 billion a year while British businesses earn £1 in every £5 from the internet.

But with greater openness, interconnection and dependency comes greater vulnerability. The UK National Security Strategy categorised cyber-attacks as a Tier One threat to our national security, alongside international terrorism.

With the cost for a cyber-security breach estimated between £450,000 to £850,000 for large businesses and £35,000 to £65,000 for smaller ones, we – and the government – must look at new ways to protect businesses and make the UK more resilient to cyber-attacks and crime.

But is anybody telling the truth about cyber security? And are those who are honest about what they think the truth is even more dangerous than those who consciously lie about it?

Join the debate, examine what cyber security really is, gain further insight into how cyber security can be used to all our advantage – and perhaps disadvantage – and to ask very difficult questions at the Real Time Club dinner and debate on Tuesday 18th February 2014.

The Proposer: Philip Virgo, Chairman at Conservative Technology Forum

Philip Virgo is currently Chairman of the Conservative Technology Forum, a group which he founded in 1978, organising policy teams to cover technology related issues and sub-groups on e-Crime and Cyber Security, and many other IT related areas.

Philip is also advisor to e-skills UK, Chairman of the WCIT Security Panel, was from 1993-2011 Secretary General of EURIM and is a Director of two technology-related companies.

Opposed by: Dominic Connor, Journalist and Quant Recruitment Expert

Dominic Connor is currently a quant recruiter in financial markets and a columnist at The Register, one of the most widely read online IT industry news and opinion websites.

Dominic is also a lecturer in quant finance for 7City Learning and is a former head of IT at Old Mutual.