RTC dinner on British Telecom (29 January 2008)

Is BT a Telco?

Phil Dance will speak to the topic ‘Is BT a telco?’, providing insights into the new pathways that are being developed at BT in response to both technology and business changes. Phil has a reputation as an entertaining and provoking speaker and looks forward to discussing with the Real Time Club, in their 40th year, about the seachange that has happened within and without BT over that time and beyond.

Phil Dance, MD Technology Exploitation, BT plc

Phil has been recently appointed to this newly created role. Prior to this he was BT’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Technology, covering all aspects of BT’s IT infrastructure, including the OSS/BSS, adaptive infrastructure and its service creation framework. Before that Phil was Executive Director for the company’s massive 21st Century Network Systems (21CN) project whose development he steered from its inception to the current large-scale transformation work. Phil was previously the CIO for BT’s wholesale business. Phil joined the BT Research and Development team in working on BT’s Customer Service Systems recovery programme, which restored the system to be the benchmark for delivery and performance, while reducing the cost of support systems. In 1997 he became responsible for the design and build of the applications portfolio that then supported BT’s day-to -day operations. Phil then spent a year in Group Strategy, where he helped design the computing structure for the newly-styled BT Group, before taking on the role of Chief Information Officer for BT’s wholesale business. He is a member of the Amdocs global advisory board, and is a nonexecutive director of the Billing Services Group. He has also served in the past as a non-executive director of Azure Ltd, a leading revenue assurance provider.