Big Nanny (19 January 2016)

Big Nanny is watching you

Do you want to die in a terrorist attack?

Do you want your children to watch internet videos of kittens dying in horrible ways?

Should drug dealers have access to secure communications?


Do you want the police, social services, binmen, and anyone with a bit of curiousity to be able to read your email, see what sites you’ve visited and snoop on your childrens’ WhatsApp?

In essence do you fear terrorists more than you fear David Cameron?

If terrorists can communicate freely, they will be hard to catch and allowing their propaganda will radicalize others. Security breaches of large firms are now so regular that the media hardly bothers to cover them, so would backdoors for MI5, GCHQ and Islington Council make it any worse?

Can we look forward to the list of blocked web sites being set by The Daily Mail, the most passive aggressive faith groups and when Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister; by The Guardian and the student union at Goldsmiths College?

Is there some happy future where we can have security and privacy?

Our speaker: Adrian Kennard, CEO of Andrews and Arnold

Our after dinner speaker is Adrian Kennard, one of the best informed, and strident voices in the debate over the new Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. He’s recently been giving evidence to Parliament on the feasibility (or otherwise) of the new rules that would require ISPs to store your history and ensure encryption has backdoors for your own protection. Adrian will explain the position of the Internet Industry on this highly topical issue.

Adrian is the CEO of Andrews and Arnold Ltd, a leading British ISP, he has worked in communications for over 30 years including design and development on telephone exchange equipment, mobile phones and internet routers and firewalls. Most recently he has being giving evidence to the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill Select Committee and also talking with the Home Office position on what the new RIPA actually means.